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June 29, 2007

Drinkable Salad

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These first couple weeks from the CSA we’ve gotten a LOT of greens. This is a good thing, cus they rock all kinds of good fiber and nutrients, and that’s something my body needs anyway. The problem is, there’s two of us, and so much greens, we’d have to eat salads for every meal to make it all the way through the stuff, and that’s just not going to happen. Jeff said that they make ‘green smoothies’ — and I’d seen them at the store as well, Naked brands whozits, green goop in a plastic container. I looked online for some recipes, and they seemed pretty simple, whatever type of green you have, some fruit, a little bit of whatever, and whatever else you feel like. I took a banana, and some strawberries, it seemed like a good start to trying out a green smoothie. There weren’t that many strawberries at the end, though I did add a couple more after the picture. One banana, for the whole thing, and it still really came through. I added a whole crapload of lettuce, what you can see in the picture, pushed in, and then do that two more times. There is a whole ton of lettuce in there.

For as much lettuce as I put in there, it really blends down.  This was all I got out of a big bag of the stuff.   All in all, it was really tasty, though I could have used a spoon, as it’s pretty thick.  One thing I would like to try is adding some fresh coconut, for some creaminess, which I saw on one of the recipes online.

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  1. Despite their offputting color, they were really tasty and I’m excited to try variations on the theme!

    Comment by Erica — July 6, 2007 @ 2:46 pm

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