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January 12, 2005


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Let’s hope this gets out to you people. Spare the name calling, it’s not necessary, nor is it true. I’m a normal person the same as everyone else. I have no more expertise on living than anyone else. This being the case, I do have some truths that I’ve managed to decipher about existance, and the truth of living. Simply enough, the truth is that there isn’t any. We are all animals enclosed in our own worlds, and the only thing connecting us to anyone, or anything else, is ourselves. This occurred to me painlessly enough, while I was in my car, desperately trying to relate myself to music that someone else composed and created. It is basic enough in its essence; someone else has gone through the same or at least similar thing, and that can provide some sort of comfort to you. The truth is, this is all in your head. Music is simply noise in the void. Upon its creation, it is empty, and all it has is its own existence. Even as it is passing through your ears, into your skull, it still has no form, no meaning. Not until you parse out the tune, and the words, the melody, and relate it to your own life, does it gain any sort of meaning other than noise. This notion applies to everything else in life; nothing has meaning until you give it meaning. Other people, items you own, useless until you apply your feelings upon them.

January 6, 2005


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New Band Name: Dramatization of Pain

(Note: this is from a commercial about chapped lips, in which two pairs of lips are shown, one glowing red eerily, with the text underneath, ‘dramatization of pain’)

January 3, 2005


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Another dream about the grocery store. Spilled ice from something under the carts. There were six registers, not including the little register. Both Heather and Mandi came in, though separately. I was on register number five. I was the only pre-close person still working there, everyone else was new, maybe? I stayed up front, but only rang up a few people. Didn’t see the break room, or the back, but I was about to go on break.
— Woke up late for work at 9pm, didn’t set the alarm correctly.

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