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May 25, 2007

I Learned Something Today

Filed under: General — tj @ 9:59 am

I learned what a CLM is:

Career Limiting Move

Here is the scenario:

John W° (boss) said:
do u know a free FTP program?

tj said:

John W° (boss) said:
u can go home now

Live and learn!

May 23, 2007

Do Some Things

Filed under: General — tj @ 2:05 pm

I did do some things.  They were pretty important, and life changing.  Not just my life, but other people’s lives.  Most of that stuff wasn’t at all funny though, so it really has nothing to do with this blog.  God damn life seems to keep going no matter how hard I sit still.  Kickball continues to be the championship force it should be, and an undeserved home run keeps the winner’s spirit alive.  It feels like there are more ideas building, alas, none of them are funny, at least, not until I fail at every last one of them.  Life tip here, turns out playing tippy-cup indoors makes for sticky floors.  Totally worth it.

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