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March 24, 2006

I am the Greatest Film Director

Filed under: Dream? — tj @ 2:15 pm

TJ: it’s gotta be something like that
maybe i can just go punch some cripples
i had a dream about you last night
not about you
but you were there
it was like

christopher.schulte: do tell.

TJ: the end of the world
and all hell was breaking loose
i think zombies got out
anyway, it was you, me, and one unnamed dude
and we were holing up in a hospital
and i don’t remember exactly what happened
but a bunch of people found out where we were, and they wanted to hurt us
so like
we are kinda walking around
the hospital
and we run into a couple people
and we are sorta beginning what could be a fight
little pushing and shoving
and i grab this dude, and toss him over the rail at the top of a stairwell

christopher.schulte: sounds like a good movie.

TJ: and he lands fast first on the stairs below

christopher.schulte: did I kick any ass?

TJ: yeah
you and the other dude
beat those guys down

christopher.schulte: rock

TJ: though i ran off after i killed that guy
cus he clearly made a sickly noise when he hit

christopher.schulte: ewwwww

TJ: yeah
he died
so i took off
and i don’t remember where, but i found two baseball bats
and i hid them up the back of my shirt, like swords

christopher.schulte: gansta style

TJ: and i ran into a group of dudes with baseball bats
but i remember you beating someone with a bat
but then i woke up
or it got too fuzzy

christopher.schulte: I didn’t think I was a bat kinda person…

TJ: yeah i dunno

christopher.schulte: I’d rather use a bow and arrow.

TJ: haha
i don’t think you had one
you just had a bat

christopher.schulte: I guess you just use the tools available.

TJ: pretty much
i remember we were hiding for a while too
it was weird

christopher.schulte: sounds like a good entry for your blog

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