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November 8, 2007

It Happened Again

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I started a speed metal band, called Margin of Terror.

August 29, 2007

Yet Another Band Name

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Cave Culprits

Stay off my shit, bitches.

June 6, 2007

I Have A New Dream

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Not the normal dream where’s there are zombies, and time traveling homosexuals in bear suits, one of the ones that may come true.  I would like to go to Caribou, and order at least seven large Turtle Mochas (a highly sugared coffee drink for strippers), drink them all, and pass out.  Then I would like to wake up with a terrible headache, and diabetes.  This may require a few tries, as I’m not entirely sure how many turtle mochas it would take for me to pass out.
Who said I don’t have goals?

June 16, 2005

Sometimes the lightbulb goes off…

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…for good, and sometimes for evil.
(Backstory required for this idea: today is Thursday)
Today I discovered that if I die after work today, technically, today was Friday.

February 8, 2005

Victory over Bluetooth

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After battling for days with every different Bluetooth chat implementation on the net, myself, and Scott the trusty co-worker, decided to write out our own. Scott could have most likely easily done this himself, if he could pull himself away from WoW. That didn’t happen, so he merely offered his advice and his code where it was applicable. So I parted the waters, and raised a lamb, and then sacrificed it, and completed my task. A functional version of a Bluetooth chat implementation. So far it’s been tested on a Dell Axim x30, some really nice HP that Doug was nice enough to let us use, and an iPaq 2215. All of these use the Widcomm / Broadcomm Bluetooth stack, so if yours uses the Microsoft stack, well, one of the other off the shelf chat apps will more than likely run for you.

Note: There is no discernable version, or any sort of licensing information. This is strictly non-profit, and the only thing I hate to gain was a lot of suffering and a few lines of text passed over the Bluetooth stack. The only thing that I used other than the internet for help and the Compact Framework was this file, CFSerialIO.

Please download and criticize my source code.

Please download and use my cab file. (ARM only)

January 6, 2005


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New Band Name: Dramatization of Pain

(Note: this is from a commercial about chapped lips, in which two pairs of lips are shown, one glowing red eerily, with the text underneath, ‘dramatization of pain’)

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