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April 25, 2006


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there was blood on the disc last night, i was just wondering who’s it was

April 19, 2006


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Testiclese: i blame you
Testiclese: for everything
Testiclese: including
Testiclese: my death
Testiclese: and
Testiclese: my birth
Testiclese: 😮

Sometimes, some people are just better than you (me).

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This time, it’s Chris(t)? Onstad. He is Lord of the Universe of Achewood, and he brings it to us with a freshness that surprises you with nearly daily updates!

I say universe, because it is not just a comic strip. These characters have been given life, and they live it, and we just get to watch. On top of the nearly daily strip, there are twelve blogs, one for each of the major (or perhaps favored) characters. Add on another blog, Chris’ own, and we see the impetus behind this venture. A force driven not only by an urge to draw cats with funny hats that walk around like people, but to drive a story, a journey, and to become fully immersed in it. I have contributed what I can to his quest, by purchasing a number of books, and pins, and clothing apparel, but it does not feel like enough. I began drafting plans to have the entire arc of the “Great Outdoor Fight” tattooed on myself, but the doctors say I would have to gain approximately 700 pounds to have enough skin to cover the event in the detail that it deserves.
What’s so funny? Well, this is:

Ten years, boy-whoo. The ten years between twenty and thirty. If you are twenty, do what I should have done: start Google. I swear, there was this one day at college where I was equidistant between the Communication department and the Computer Science department, and it was the day I had to choose my major, and this guy sitting outside of the Communication building was eating this great-looking sandwich. Like I said, man—decisions. Think about them.

So here’s what you can do to help.

Read the newest comic.

Read the “Great Outdoor Fight” arc. Please, really do, because it’s an instant classic.

Now you feel a little better, so you can start from the beginning.

Perhaps you’d like to learn a little bit more about the author!

Maybe you can quench your hunger a little.

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