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June 29, 2007


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Funny story, Erica and I were talking about what to make with the broccoli, and I remembered I had previously made this broccoli / squash / black bean sauce type thingy, and the flavors worked really well together. The ideas kept coming, and we worked out a plan for broccoli and bean enchiladas. This eventually evolved into enchilasagna, due to the fact that our corn tortillas were pretty small, and rolling them all up would have been a serious pain. The day of, Erica found a recipe online, with the same basic principles involved, so our fate was set.

cook it

The broccoli, carrots, and onions got cooked up a little first, and seasoned with chipotle powder, garlic, a little oregano, and a little “Slap yo mama” powder from New Orleans. We would have used cumin normally, but it turns out we’re fresh out of the stuff. Then we put in the beans, some black, and some pinto, because that’s what we had. One can of each, and we had what we needed.
We put the enchilasagna together in layers, corn tortillas cut into quarters to lay better, on top of that went our veggie mixture, to which we added a little green salsa. On top of that went some cheese, and repeated the process once more until we ran out. On the top went more tortillas, topped with green salsa and more cheese.

It baked for maybe twenty minutes to half an hour, I think at 425. The cheese was melty, the tortillas were crunchy, and the enchilasagna was delicious. Together with a simple green salad, it was a fantastic dinner. Even the next day, for lunch, the veggie mixture melded together a little more, and was still great. The only thing we both would have changed, was make the broccoli a little bigger; it faded into the mixture a bit, and this broccoli was so good, it should have been able to stand out and shine. We also would have added more of the green salsa to the veggies, to keep them from getting dry.

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